TOP 10 T-Shirt Coronavirus 2020 Theme

Everyone is already so tired of sitting at home and wants to plunge again with his head at a time when we could walk, go to work, travel, and just enjoy all the joys of life. But still, need a little patience. We decided to cheer little vases with a small selection of T-shirts with funny prints on the theme of coronavirus.

1. Corona Virus T-Shirt

A cute T-shirt with a picture of several bottles of beer in protective masks printed on it. Reminds you to keep your distance and not to expose those who are near danger.

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2. YeahGuy Co. 2020 Gold T-Shirt

This funny print t-shirt reminds us that even things like toilet paper and sanitizer can be worth their weight in gold. Do not forget this and take care of yourself. The T-shirt is perfect for both men and women. Or for both.

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3. Avengers Coronavirus 2020 Abbey Road Superheroes Comedy

Of course, there were some superheroes. They show all that it means to save the world. If everyone is adequately related to the topic of coronavirus, then everyone will be healthy and alive. Do not neglect self-defense.

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4. Corona Virus T-Shirt Funny Beer Drinking

And again a T-shirt with beer. Probably everyone has already noticed that the name of the virus is the same as that of the legendary beer. How can they not laugh here? Men should like this t-shirt. A bottle of Corona beer in a protective mask, funny.

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5. It's My Quarantine Birthday No Ones Invited Funny Graphic Tee T-Shirt

This T-shirt is for those who will spend their birthday during the quarantine. If you spend your holiday with video calling then a T-shirt will be very handy. Or for photos on social networks. Do not forget to wash your hands well.

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6. T-Shirt Virus Pandemic Funny Keep Your Distance

If you want everyone around you to know that you prefer to keep your distance then this T-shirt is what you are looking for. People will immediately understand that you take care of yourself and others around you by holding a record. Do not forget about it. Be healthy.

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7. Superluxe Clothing Cornteen Funny Quarantine Social Distancing

Is self-isolation not so much fun? With this t-shirt, your loneliness will not be so sad. A stylish T-shirt with an emoticon in a protective mask will look great on you and will suit you as if it was specially sewn for you.

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8. Wash Your Fucking Hands T-Shirt

With such a t-shirt, everything immediately becomes clear. No matter how tired everyone washes their hands all the time, but do not forget about it. And not only during a pandemic, but this should also be done, it is the hygiene that everyone must observe all the time. Do not forget about it. A T-shirt will remind you and everyone around it.

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9. Not Today Corona Virus T-Shirt

This t-shirt can be a great gift for a friend, dad, son, or someone you come up with for yourself. It will not be amiss to once again recall this terrible incident, which swallowed the whole world. But we hope that soon it will all be over.

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10. Coronavirus T-Shirt. Touch My sanitizer one More time I Dare You!

And of course, we could not do without the legendary meme. The inscription on the T-shirt sounds like: Touch My sanitizer one More time I Dare You! Ideal for both gifts and everyday wear.

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We tried and chose only the best for you. Follow all the rules of self-isolation, do not neglect it and everything will be fine. Health to you and all your loved ones.

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  • Wow, great theme. Just looking for summer new clothes for t-shirts and thinking about what thematic print. And stumbled upon your article, helped with the choice) Thank you.

    Matt G.

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